Talking about André Sarbib is talking about one of the most prestigious musicians on the Portuguese scene, in the field of jazz and other genres!

Simply mentioning all the groups and bands he has been part of is proof in itself.

However, the best evidence can be seen in the participation of this self-taught artist in various shows and his work for musicians such as Joe Lovano, Barry Altschul, Ivan Lins, Carles Benavent, Ruben Dantas, Alice Day, Jorge Rossi, Saheb Sarbib, Carlos Carli, Joaquín Chacón, Paulo de Carvalho and Antonio Serrano, among others.

To this list we can add his contribution to the performances and records of an infinite number of musicians and singers of the very highest calibre on the Portuguese and international scene.

In the recording field, André Sarbib recorded a CD in 1990 entitled "Silêncio das Águas", which was his first solo work of original material for the Numérica label and in 1993 he released another CD, "Coisas da Noite", which gives continuity to a musical concept, which puts him among the best fusion artists in Portugal.

In 2008 he recorded “This is It!” . This album is focused entirely on jazz, with an interesting feature: many of the songs are sung by André, a revelation due to his great voice and ability.

These recordings also confirm the combination, cohesion, maturity and affinity of a group of particularly versatile musicians, a set that André Sarbib had the talent to bring together and direct.

He performed at the 1st Funchal Jazz Festival, of which he was the Artistic Director from 2000 to 2013, were he always achieved great success.
In May 2001, he performed at the 5th Matosinhos em Jazz, featuring a quartet with Joe Lovano, Barry Altschul and Saheb Sarbib.
In November 2008, he participated in the Festival de Jazz de Madrid, with Ivan Lins and António Serrano.

In January 2009, he performed at Casa da Música, the famous and iconic concert hall in Porto, , making his first live presentation for the album “This is It” with all the band and guest musicians from the album, which was a tremendous success with a full house.

In May 2009, André Sarbib performed for the Ciclo de Jazz de la Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza at the “Teatro Salesianos” in Vigo (Spain).

He has performed at many more important jazz festivals and clubs, such as: Jazz in Parco, Nocera Inferiore (Italy), Bari in Jazz (Italy), Jazz Festival Harstad (Norway), Torino Jazz Festival (Italy), Warzawski Jazz Festival, Warsaw (Poland), Ibero Jazz, La Coruña, (Spain), Midnight Sun Festival, Lartsy (Finland), Bluenote, Milan (Italy), MisturaFina Jazz Club, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), among others.
More recently, he performed in 2017 for the Ciclo de Jazz na Ordem, Porto (Portugal), with the André Sarbib Quartet This is it, and again in 2018 with Antonio Serrano (harmonica).

For the last 10 years, André Sarbib has been the guest pianist in Europe for the famous Brazilian musician and composer, Ivan Lins.

In 2017 they performed at the world-famous Ronnie Scott’s jazz club.
He also played in the Jazz San Javier Festival (Spain) and at Uno Jazz y Sanremo (Italy). In 2018, he could be heard at the renowned London jazz venue, Jazz Café.

André Sarbib has currently released his latest discography "La Joie et Le Tendre", Ivan Lins' songs sung in French, his native language.


Concert Dates

18 Nov 2022

The French Connection – André Sarbib, Miguel Braga & Leo Leonet

HOT FIVE  – jazz & blues club


24 Sep 2022

André Sarbib Quartet